Behaviour & Success: Sink or Swim with the Boss

Welcome to the very first Karen Gately blog. We hope you enjoy the mix of subjects we write on here, whether they be helpful in your business day-to-day, ‘random thought’ blogs (more on these later!) or topics we’ve found inspirational that will be interesting to you as well. Our premiere blog looks at a subject which has been used as fodder in a range of contemporary comedies such as The Office (Ricky Gervais’ David Brent inset, above) and Horrible Bosses. Yes – it’s the phenomenon of the bad boss. Karen Gately looks at the impact of diminishing leadership behaviours upon whole businesses – and gives you some hints on becoming an inspiring leader. Here’s Karen!

There are countless books and articles written every year about the keys to business success.  In my experience there is no more important ingredient than the engagement and approach of the leader at the top of the organisation.

Put simply, how the boss behaves has the potential to propel or sink the business.  Why?  Firstly, because they impact how others feel.  How people feel dictates the energy and behaviour they are likely to bring to their work.  Secondly, how bosses interact influences what others in the business observe as  respectable and successful behaviours – thereby encouraging those behaviours from others.  Too often I observe poor or destructive behaviour stemming from the example being set by leaders.

Working with and observing leaders who are successful (in addition to those who have fallen well short of the mark) I have come to conclude there are a key set of high impact behaviours that matter the most.   These behaviours enable or diminish success and relate to how the leader approaches their own role as well as how they engage with others.

There is no doubt in my mind – the only way to build a team culture that will enable business success is to demonstrate and expect these behaviours from colleagues.  You and every leader that works for you must bring these enabling behaviours to work.  While you are likely to have the occasional bad day, you need to work hard to keep diminishing behaviours out of your business. After all, there’s some truth to the stereotypes of ‘bad bosses’ represented in popular culture. Don’t let yourself become one of them.

That’s not you, is it?


2 thoughts on “Behaviour & Success: Sink or Swim with the Boss

  1. Great post. Leaders should put the key behaviour boxes up where they can see them all day long as they are a fantastic reminder of what makes a difference either way. Look forward to the next post!

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