Business Chicks & Karen Gately

Today’s brief blog is to announce some sensational news! I’m very excited to be featured by Business Chicks as the member of the week in addition to being a syndicated columnist. Make sure you head to their website to check it out.  Have you heard of Business Chicks? They’re a national organisation with the sole focus of ‘enriching the lives of women in business’.

If you’ve not heard of them – Business Chicks is a virtual community of more than 25,000 Australian business women. With time being an expensive commodity and many businesses being home-based, Business Chicks provides a structured online meeting space where members can learn, discuss, problem-solve and be inspired. A strictly non-competitive environment, Business Chicks aims to support and bolster confidence in its members. The group also run a highly publicized series of events in national cities each year, from exciting breakfast meetings with the stars (think Richard Branson or Olivia Newton-John) to intimate networking soirees at glittering venues.

Business Chicks also produce a glossy quarterly magazine for premium and corporate members called Latte. This month, it features Deborra-lee Furness on the cover, plus a great series of editorial pieces on landing a dream job through to meeting Samantha Wills (jeweller extraordinaire). If you’re not a member yet – I highly recommend clicking here and finding out more about this unique business community.

I’ve been writing my blog for a couple of months now and have really enjoyed sharing my experience and opinions with my readers.  My goal is to provide you with useful and insightful tips and tricks to help you to achieve business success through your people.  Thank you to all those who have made a contribution to the blog so far… I hope you continue to find the content interesting and thought-provoking.

Thanks for featuring me Business Chicks! I look forward to collaborating with you in future! 


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