Mastering destiny… Taking personal accountability

One of the pastimes I enjoy is collecting images including ‘Wise Words’ on Pinterest, an electronic pin board.  Browsing through the plethora of ‘pin’ options available, I came across this inspiring quote from author Bob Moawad.  Reading Bob’s words, immediately made me think of how important personal accountability is; how much it enables us to influence our own success not only in business but also in life.  Bob’s words inspired me to think about how only through our own actions, efforts, and decisions do we have the power to turn our own dreams into a reality.  Not only does personal accountability matter to business, it matters just as much to achieving all of the things we want to achieve in any area of our life.

Leaving responsibility for our lives in the hands of other people leaves with them also the power to decide our fate.  Being the master of our own destiny starts with taking full responsibility for everything we do and everything we create.  Living our life with personal accountability requires that we:

  • Take responsibility for how things turn out
  • Avoid ‘poor me’ dramas and self pitying denial
  • Own our own shortcomings
  • Confront harsh personal truths
  • Work hard to improve
  • Give emotionally challenging things a go
  • Refuse to give up
  • Take full responsibility for our decisions and actions
  • Own the things we are responsible for and passionately invest energy in achieving them

Taking ownership for our life is both empowering and liberating; the more responsibility we take the more power and freedom we are able to create in our own world.

2 thoughts on “Mastering destiny… Taking personal accountability

  1. I’d say taking personal responsibility for my life about 10 years ago was a big game changer for me. Until then, I was like about 90% of people – complaining about everyone and not seeing what I was doing to cause the situation. It’s all to do with self-awareness and the more self aware you are the higher your EQ. The world would be awesome if everyone took responsibility for their own actions and stopped blaming. After all, the only person you can change is yourself. Love your work Karen, you’re an awesome blogger. I’m such a big fan of yours.

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