Lessons from the dojo – optimistic appreciation

Over the next few weeks and perhaps months I intend to share insights into each of the chapters in my new book The Corporate Dojo – driving extraordinary results through spirited people.  I can think of no better place to start than at the end.  The book was written in a far from linear fashion so I figure I’ll apply the same rules to giving you a snap shot view of the advice I offer and stories I share throughout the book.

The last chapter is dedicated to the notion of living life with hope and gratitude.  Life can undoubtedly be challenging but one of the most powerful allies we have is the ability to choose to have an optimistic outlook and focus on our gratitude for all that we do have.  Hope and gratitude fuel our spirit and give us the energy we need to keep striving.  When things get really tough, believing that things can and will improve, knowing that we have the skills, experience, supporters resources or whatever other strength we may have, to help us get through is not only empowering but liberating.

Fear is the one thing in life that holds so many of us back from achieving everything that we are capable of.  While I share through other chapters deeper insight into how to put our fears in their place, in Chapter 14 my intention is to say ‘you choose’ how you see reality.  There are so many things we can all be grateful for if we choose to recognise them.  There are so many reasons to be hopeful about our ability to create a bright future if we choose to acknowledge them.

For many of us the biggest challenge is allowing ourselves to see and focus on these truths.   Once we can see them then we can choose to give power to them ahead of our limiting beliefs and fears. Sometimes we just want to wallow in feeling helpless and aggrieved, but each of us has the power to choose to see life as a glass half full (or even overflowing if we are a little more Buddha like than most).

The shortest of the chapters, I close the book by taking the opportunity to express gratitude for some of the wonderful people who have loved, inspired, guided and supported me over the years.  It was an extremely satisfying experience to take the time to deeply reflect upon what and who I am grateful for.  Being the innately optimistic and grateful person I am, I could have written a whole book on all of the things I appreciate in my life.  Instead I have focused on taking the opportunity to thank the people who have had the most profound impact on the strength of my spirit and my growth through this life so far.

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One thought on “Lessons from the dojo – optimistic appreciation

  1. Must be the week for positivity – I just got a Kindle and downloaded Pollyanna! Ah, the ‘glad game’. Corny? Yes. Still works. Lisa

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