Fighting for kindness

In my last blog I commented on Ellen DeGeneres ending each of her shows with the message ‘be kind to one another’.  For me Ellen’s commitment to encouraging people to care for and look after one another is inspiring.  I love Ellen not just because she’s hilariously funny, loves to dance and is married to an Aussie.  I love her because she shows compassion and leads by example in her efforts to make a positive difference in our world.

For those of you who regularly read my blogs, or have read my book, The Corporate Dojo, it will come as no surprise the extent to which I believe kindness matters.  Without kindness fuelling our attitudes and actions our ability to nurture the human spirit for the betterment of our businesses, communities and planet is grossly undermined. While being kind benefits those on the receiving end, I have no doubt it also uplifts the spirits of those doing the giving.

Kindness has become somewhat of a hobby of mine – meaning I spend hours on end researching evidence of the impacts of kindness on our health, happiness and success.  While much of what I look for and read relates to the business world, I also regularly come across inspiring stories and insights into the efforts of people everywhere to make our world a kinder place.  Not so long ago I discovered The World Kindness Movement.  Officially launched in November 2000, 20 nations, including Australia, signed a constitution committing to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world.

Every year on 13 November the World Kindness Movement promote and celebrate World Kindness Day.  The purpose of the day is to encourage all of us to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, culture, race or religion.  To encourage people to understand we are citizens of the world with a commonality of which we must realise if progress is to be made in human relations and achieving the ultimate goal of peaceful coexistence.  In other words if we truly want world peace, we need to start with kindness.

For those planning to be in Sydney Australia on 11 November 2012 you may like to join in the BIG HUG ON BONDI BEACH where organisers are encouraging people to go to Bondi Beach and grab a free BIG HUG in the spirit of World Kindness.  I also encourage you to join our team and put a reminder in your diary to commit to acts of kindness on 13 November 2012.  While any day is a good day for kindness, 13 November is an opportunity to bring kindness into the forefronts of our minds and consciously do a little bit more to creating a kinder world.

As kindness has the power to uplift our spirit even when we aren’t directly involved, I invite and encourage you to share with us stories of the kindness you give or receive.  With your permission we will share your stories and uplift everyone who chooses to read them!


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