It’s Show(case) time!

Last month, my most recent ‘big day’ arrived!

For six months leading up to Thursday 2nd August 2012 I enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of Matt Church’s Thought Leaders Showcase program.  An annual program culminating in an event attended by mostly speaker’s bureaus, professional conference organisers and event managers, Showcase provides the opportunity for eight speakers to deliver a twenty-minute sample of their best keynote speech to some of the most influential people in the industry.

Matt is an inspiring speaker and the founder of Thought Leaders, an organisation focused on helping clever people be commercially smart’.  Showcase is just one of the programs Matt and his team of educators deliver.  I have also had the pleasure of participating in their highly acclaimed Million Dollar Expert program.  Designed to teach subject matter experts how to leverage the value of their intellectual property, the program advocates an uncomplicated, yet powerful model for developing a professional practice based on what you know.

Matt has built a community of experts in their fields who use speaking, facilitating and training to deliver their message and share their knowledge.  I was excited to be a part of the 2012 Showcase program and enjoyed the preparation process that included plenty of trips to Sydney for group workshops and one to one mentoring.  It was in fact during a mentoring session with Matt that my recently released book The Corporate Dojo, first crystalized in my mind.  Not only did I learn a great deal about how to be a world-class speaker, I also stepped forward in great strides and crossed the finish line in fulfilling my dream of becoming a published author.

The ten weeks leading up to Showcase were undoubtedly the most challenging.   I channeled every moment of time and ounce of energy I had into writing and publishing a book.  I was determined to have my book ready to give people on the ‘big day’ and worked tirelessly along with my amazing team to get it done in time.  The first copies of The Corporate Dojo arrived at my office exactly one week before Showcase.  We all sighed a breath of relief and then dove straight back into the frantic preparations for Showcase.

During the 20 minutes I had on the Showcase stage, I chose to talk about achieving extraordinary results through capable and spirited people.  I reflected on the importance of focusing on both developing people’s capabilities as well as leveraging their full potential. Central to the argument I present is that to achieve optimal results leaders must influence the choices people make about how they behave.  In doing so we are able to positively impact the extent to which their talents are effectively applied to their role.

The most important influencer of someone’s behavior I propose is the strength of his or her spirit.  In other words people who are positively energised by a strong spirit are more likely to choose to behave in ways that enable success.  Conversely people who are drained of positive energy are most likely to choose behaviors that diminish their own chances of success or that of others around them.

You can check out my big moment below…


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