Taking Action: Getting past wishing and wanting to having

How often have you met someone who complains about his or her life but does nothing to change it?  How often do you find yourself doing the same thing?  Here are just a few of the many gripes I constantly hear from people but observe them doing very little about changing:

  • I’m always tired; I wish I had more energy
  • I’m fat; I hate looking and feeling this way
  • I’m so sick of my job it bores me to tears
  • I hate my boss; he’s such an A-hole
  • I’ve always wanted to go to (insert fabulous destination) but can’t afford it

The bottom line is all of these examples and many more like them take effort to overcome.  None of them are easy to resolve unless we deliberately choose to make them both a priority and possibility.  If you struggle to take action to overcome these or similar issues, the first questions to ask yourself is:

How much do you really want to change or do you just want to complain?

Sometimes having a whine can be rewarding – that is when people feed our ‘poor me drama’ with attention and attempts to help.  The truth is until we choose to own the outcome and takes steps to create the reality we want, nothing will change; no matter how much we choose to moan and no matter how much people choose to pander to our needy complaining.

Recently I read a fabulously honest book that I recommend to anyone struggling to get on top of their weight loss goals ‘Skinny Bitch’ by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. A word of caution however – if you are looking for a gentle approach that will allow you to feel good about yourself while maintaining self-denial and avoidance strategies then this book isn’t for you.  This quote reveals the type of no nonsense ‘own your own stuff’ message it delivers:

“If you can’t take one more day of self-loathing, you’re ready to hear the truth.  You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to lose weight”.

Taking action starts with being honest with yourself and ends with actually doing, not just thinking or talking.  To create what you want here are the most important things to remember:

  • Even the most intimately planned out dreams don’t happen on their own.  Wishing something to happen or even intending it to happen aren’t enough.  We need to take real steps to put our plans into action and make our dreams a reality.
  • Notice conscious and unconscious fears and limiting beliefs and put them in their place.  Not acting because of what might or might not happen gets us nowhere other than where we are right now.
  • Do what you said you would be prepared to do; commit to the promises you have made to yourself and get on with implementing the plans you put in place. It takes hard work, dedication, tenacity, focus, will power and courage to work through the ups and downs and achieve our goals.
  • Believe: successful people believe they can and will be successful.  Yes, they have their moments of doubt but they are skilled at shifting their mindset to focus on overcoming obstacles and pushing through barriers.  They don’t linger long in a space of self-doubt

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