Bula from glorious Fiji!

Fiji image

If you have never been I highly recommend Fiji as the perfect place to escape your busy life and re-energise.  If you have visited this amazing part of the world before you will already know that syncing with Fiji time slows everything down to a pace that allows you to feel and see clearly again.  One year and one week ago my husband Kevin and I arrived on Tokoriki Island for what turned out to be a truly magical holiday.  After a crazy busy year that included me writing two books and Kevin completing the first year of a Psychology degree we seriously needed a break and decided to return to this special place.

As it turns out we had remembered correctly – floating in the ocean watching tropical fish, being pampered at the spa and sipping pina coladas as the sun sets are useful activities to quiet the mind and see life more clearly.  What has crystalized in these quiet moments for me is how much belief has driven everything Kevin and I have achieved over the past year.  If you had asked me a year ago if it is possible to write two books in the space of nine months while continuing to run a busy consulting practice and being a good Mum I would have seriously doubted it.  If you had added to that mix the fact that my husband who has been a full time Dad for 16 years would no longer be working full time as the Director of Domestic Affairs it would have cemented my view that it wasn’t possible to achieve all of that in one year.

But we have done it.  Not only did Kevin get through his first year, he ‘slam dunked’ it achieving top marks in every subject he studied.  My second book The People Managers Toolkit is being released in July by Wiley and my first The Corporate Dojo is going strong and being well received.  Our children are happy, healthy and achieving their own goals.  On all accounts the Gately’s are enjoying life!  When I look back on the decisions and actions that have led us here I can see we needed to believe in our selves, in the people around us, in the importance of the work we do and the roles we play.  We have needed to believe that investing energy and time will pay off and we needed to believe that despite how tired or stressed we became in some moments we had the strength and resilience to get us through.  We have also needed to believe that what we are doing matters, not only to our family but to the other people we impact.

As I look to the year ahead I know that belief will continue to be our ally and doubt our greatest enemy.  Knowing that we can only dream big and reach the heights of our potential if we believe is what gives me strength to confront fear head on and put it in its place.  As my inspiring friend Margie Warrell says “… it’s not a lack of knowledge that prevents most people from doing more and being more—it’s a lack of clarity about what they truly want, and the courage to go and get it”.  For more wisdom from Margie click http://www.stopplayingsafe.com/ to buy her new book – Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk. Unlock the Power of Courage.  Achieve Outstanding Success.


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