Are you standing in your spotlight?

Wedding CakeThis extraordinary wedding cake was the inspiration for today’s blog!  Apart from being beautiful it also struck me as a perfect example of the unique talents people possess and the amazing things they are capable of creating.  It also made me reflect on how often I meet people who are not only blind to the depth of their own talents but also hesitant to reveal their unique gifts to the rest of the world.

I’ve never been shy about acknowledging my own strengths so for many years those who were perplexed me.  As the years have gone on I’ve come to realize the complexity of the emotions that hold people back from loving and sharing their talents with other people.  Among the most common reasons I encounter is fear of being ‘booed off the stage’ if they dare to step into the spotlight.  Those of you who live or have lived in Australia are likely to understand the influence our well-recognized ‘tall poppy syndrome‘ can have on our willingness to stand out from the crowd.  Unquestionably this is also reflected in other communities around the world where people share similar fears about what other people will think and how they will react.

SpotlightStanding in our spotlight was the theme of our discussion at recent Little Black Dress Group dinner I had the pleasure of attending.  The wise woman around that table shared their own stories of finding the courage to be who they truly are and unafraid to step into the role they know in their hearts they are meant to play.  How is fear holding you back from pursing the things that matter most to you?  What role are you allowing fear to play in dictating the decisions you make about the career or life directions you choose?  What talents are you afraid to acknowledge or share?  How much happier and fulfilled would you be if you found the courage to step into your own spotlight and stand with pride in the space you belong?


One thought on “Are you standing in your spotlight?

  1. Hi there Karen, great article 🙂 Whilst reading your article, came across the wonderful ‘spotlighted person’ graphic. May I request permission to use this in our accounting/tax article I am about to post on our website. Many thanks & kind regards, Sam Patrick FTMA; ATI Accountant The Diligent Group Pty Ltd.

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