Sit up and take notice…

BubbleheadFor years I wondered through life living in my own bubble of reality unable to see or appreciate what was right in front of me.  Now I choose to tune in, to observe the small moments, the intricate details of the people, energy and events unfolding.  Equally I choose to notice the incredible, the beautiful and the fascinating aspects of life.  Whether the unique talents of people I meet or the wonders of Mother Nature each of these experiences energize and inspire me.

Of course like most other human beings I also have the tendency to slip back into ‘bubble girl’ mode and allow my inner world of thoughts and feelings to cloud my ability to clearly see.  Despite knowing from experience the powerful influence of being truly connected with myself and the world around me I struggle to maintain that state in every moment.  What matters though is that I catch myself slipping and make conscious choices to shake off the fog.

There are countless examples of the benefits I have experienced from simply being open and taking notice.  Just a few days ago, as I sat in the Virgin Lounge waiting for my flight I met an amazing man because I chose to.  The full story is he also chose to meet me.  As he deliberately sat down opposite me he smiled warmly and commented on how busy I appeared to be.  “Yes, I’m always busy” I said.  Something that often comes out of my mouth, even when it doesn’t need to.  As a side note I appear to have a relationship with ‘busy’ that isn’t altogether healthy – but that’s the topic of another blog to come. butterfly

Soon into our conversation he discovered that I am a speaker and author, I in turn discovered he coaches speakers.  He then learned that I am passionate about the human spirit (our energy) in business and I learned that he guides speakers to use their energy to optimal effect.  WOW! – we both commented. Neither of us knows where meeting one another will lead but I’m glad to have met this energizing man even if the benefit was simply starting my day on a high note.

Not only do I routinely meet incredible people because I’m open to it, I also witness amazing things.  There are times when I’m in my ‘busy’ mode that the sound of a child laughing (love that sound!!) bursts through my bubble and brings me back to what life is all about.  By the way, moments after writing that sentence a child burst out laughing 🙂  It can be as simple as observing the extraordinary talent and determination of a bird that can energize my spirit.  The intricate patterns on a butterfly, vibrant colors of the ocean and fascinating shapes of clouds can all help me to enjoy being alive.

KG SydneyOn a business trip to Sydney recently I had the pleasure of walking the path under the Sydney Harbor Bridge at Milsons Point.  Not only was the water gorgeous the magnificence of the bridge and the extraordinary talent of the people who designed and built it blew me away.  It never ceases to amaze me the things people are able to conceive and create.  Even the plane I’m sitting on right now is amazing – no idea how they get such a large chunk of metal to fly like a bird but it’s awesome.

Take the time to burst your bubble and connect with life – allow it to energize your spirit and enable opportunity!  Don’t miss what life puts in front of you because you are surrounded by fog and can’t see.  All you have to do is choose to take notice.


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