The Eagle has Landed: The People Manager’s Toolkit

The People Manager's ToolkitYesterday marked the official launch of my new book The People Manager’s Toolkit: A practical guide to getting the best from people.  This book offers practical, ‘how to’ advise about achieving outstanding commercial results through the talent and energy of people.  Avoiding HR jargon and complicated management theory my goal is to share insight to the things that matter the most when it comes tapping into the full potential of people at work.

While the excitement had been building toward yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised to find the book in Dymocks ahead of schedule late last week.  On Thursday evening out for a bit of shopping with her husband, our business manager Siobhan (also my very supportive sister) dropped in to Dymocks on the off chance of finding it there.  The result was a very excited phone call to me accompanied by the photo below!

Siobhan first PMT sightingEager to experience my own first book sighting, the next morning Siobhan and I headed out to see if we could find it again. Thankfully we weren’t disappointed – in fact far from it, we managed to enjoy a sisterly ‘happy dance’ in the middle of the shop. The young woman working in the store was very generous in her enthusiastic support and willingness to take our photo.  She even promised to add a ‘local author’ sign, which apparently helps sales.

The release of The People Manager’s Toolkit is a significant milestone in both my career and our business.  As no doubt any author can attest, it’s an enormously satisfying feeling to not only have written the book but also to be able to share it.  My hope is that people managers not only read the book but also find the guidance they are looking for.  I hope in some way it will contribute to their becoming great leaders of people.

Karen and Siobhan book sightingAs I share in the preface to The People Manager’s Toolkit this journey began for me many years ago when “Standing at a crossroads in my work life, I felt I had two choices: I could retreat and follow an easier path removed from the nasty realities of business, or I could stay the course and find a way to make a difference.  The spark of hope I felt at that time was fuelled by the people I had witnessed who were enriched by success and happiness at work.  My own experience of loving my job and the people I worked with inspired me to want to help others to find that in their life.  I recall thinking that surely if everyone was passionate about and deeply engaged with their work and organisation, the world would be better off for it.  This belief underpinned the decision I made to work hard to influence the strength of the human spirit through great leadership in business.  This book, together with my first The Corporate Dojo, is one part of my efforts to act on that decision”. 

Since its release on Friday we’ve already received fantastic feedback about the promotional video.  Thanks to Thomas at ShotXShot who has done a brilliant job of not only creating a fun and entertaining video, but also capturing so well the books purpose.

The People Manager’s Toolkit is available now from all good bookstores!

To download a free sample chapter visit Wiley’s website here.


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