Tom’s Tips for Staying Sane during the Silly Season


Tough trading conditions, reduced mid-year activity of an election year and now a fast approaching festive season! When does it end? This combination has left many people, particularly senior leaders and business owners we work with quite literally falling across the finishing line this year.

And now it’s time for a moment of reflection.  Are you like many of our clients who have chosen to bunker down, work harder, work longer (not necessarily smarter) and made many personal sacrifices along the way?  If any of these resonate then give yourself the best chance to finish strongly by taking a moment to regroup, realign and refocus into the Christmas break.

Recently I read outlining ways to maintain your productivity and sanity in the months ahead.  Undoubtedly these will support you to achieve your objectives; however for me personally when I’m struggling for motivation, tired or worn out it’s my physical health and well-being that is the first to suffer. So here’s my challenge to you… start your New Year fitness campaign early, start now!

It’s not often we take direction from a recovering drug addict, and for obvious reasons I tread carefully in quoting Ben Cousins. However for all his troubles it’s undeniable that he was an exceptional athlete.  For those of you unfamiliar with Cousins he is a former AFL footballer considered by many as one of the best the game has seen.

Ben Cousins


Throughout his career Cousins often shared his ethos “look good, feel good, play good” in which the order is important.  Like or loathe him the simplicity of this approach is hard to ignore, if you feel good about yourself, you are likely to be more confident in your ability and everything else will flow.  If you can recall the peak physical appearance of Cousins throughout his playing days he displayed a strong and fit body, which understandably instilled confidence in his ability and allowed him to deliver superior on field performance.

Now back to your health and well-being.  I’m not proclaiming to be a personal trainer or elite athlete but here are a couple of simple principles that work for me in staying active and maximising my productivity at work:


  1. Commit the time and prioritise your health
  2. Set the alarm – there are fewer excuses to avoid the morning workout.  Try it and experience the alertness and energy it provides.Fit and Wroking out
  3. Find activities that you enjoy – the options are limitless but finding enjoyment means you will look for reasons to succeed not reasons to give up
  4. Don’t slog it out alone – explore group fitness options. It’s amazing the sense of commitment that a group of relative unknowns can promote.


If your fitness campaign must wait, or you are already in peak condition but are running on fumes, then take some advice from Kate Jones’s article “How to Survive the End of the Year”. Kate recommends:

  1. Reconnecting with why you love your work
  2. Setting short term goals and using routine to keep you focused
  3. Rewarding yourself – work hard and book a holiday
  4. Being selective when making Christmas party commitments
  5. Using the end of year to reflect on career or business goals and challenge the direction you are heading





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