Spirituality at Work: expressing our beliefs without stepping over boundaries

ImageThree years ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Soul Shift, a show on radio station Joy 94.9.   I was asked to share my views on how we can express ourselves spirituality in the workplace without stepping over boundaries or inappropriately preaching to our colleagues.  Preparing for a recent interview on the ABC about an altogether different topic – having fun at the work Christmas party without damaging your career, I came across the notes I had prepared for the Soul Shift interview.  Given how often I am asked similar questions I thought I would share the notes with you here.

How can we express spirituality in the workplace without over stepping boundaries or preaching?

Focus on:

  • Spiritual values
  • Aligning your career with your purpose or ‘calling’
  • Economic justice
  • Being connected and using your intuition

How do we work with spiritual values?

Bring ethical behavior to everything you do.  To me that means:

  • Having integrity in what you say and do
  • Being honest
  • Nurturing trust and respect in your relationships
  • Having compassion and being kind
  • Practicing active listening
  • Being considerate of the impacts of your behavior on others
  • Protecting human dignity

ImageHow do we know if our career is in line with our calling?

  • Be completely honest with yourself, do you like what you do?
  • If you like it, ask yourself if you really love it?
  • If you love it then you’re likely to:
    • Be interested and engaged in your work
    • Look forward to going to work
    • Have plenty of energy and focus
    • See how what you do makes a difference
    • Feel there is a higher purpose to what you do
    • Feel that your job adds value

What should we be doing to contribute to economic justice?

  • Be fair and honest in all financial negotiations / dealings
  • Don’t rip people off or look for ways to ‘suck them dry’
  • Share the profits
  • Support your community and those in need
  • Work for employers who do these things
  • Remember that you get what you give!

How do we make sure we are connected and use our intuition at work?


  • Choose to connect with other people and your inner wisdom
  • Listen and observe deeply and purposefully
  • Listen to and trust your instincts
  • Be present and engaged

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