Mind Control

This morning wasn’t the greatest start to a day. Due to fly out to Brisbane on the 7am flight, my taxi was booked for 5.50am, requiring that I get out of bed at 5.00am.  While the early hour was already a less than ideal start I made it through that part of my morning without too much whining going on in my head.  Things were progressing well right up until the point when the traffic on the freeway came to a sudden stop.  Given the horribly early pick up time we hadn’t allowed room for error – that’s when the mental chatter began. 

reaction to the worldThis morning wasn’t the greatest start This is broadly how the conversation I had with myself went:  “I’m going to miss my flight! What happens if I miss my flight? Will they charge me? – I can’t recharge our client for a missed flight – OMG that will cost me a fortune.  What happens if there aren’t any seats on the next flight? Why the hell is the traffic like this?  This is ridiculous; this is the major route to our airport, surely the traffic should flow better than this.  It’s only 6.15am in the morning – why are there so many people on the road?  This isn’t good – we need to change the world of work, surely all these people don’t need to be up at this hour?”  

Apologies if reading that little outburst of stress and worry drained your spirit – it certainly did mine.  Thankfully I heard myself and shut the conversation down.  “Relax Karen it will be fine – what will be will be”.  And so I took some time to chill out and slowly the traffic got moving again.  We arrived at the airport just as I was meant to be boarding – once again putting me way out of my comfort zone.  While I’m a fan of being spontaneous, that certainly doesn’t apply to travel.  I’d much rather hang out in the airport lounge (even if it is 6.00am) than need to rush onto a plane.

Running to the check in counter the chatter began again; “this is a disaster, I bet they don’t let me check in!” was my thought of choice.  Thankfully, a typically friendly member of the Virgin Australia team greeted me and quickly put my mind at ease.  Her approach allowed me to head off in a relative state of calm despite needing to get to the departure gate furthest away.  Finally settling into my seat on the flight my second mental challenge for the day presented itself – I had lost my phone!!  About to set off on a three-day business trip – this was seriously not good.

Over thinking

As I frantically searched my bag (ten times) my mind went off – this time sprinting down the path of impending disaster and doom I had previously been walking down. I told myself “OMG,OMG, OMG (yes I really did say that), what am I going to do?  People are going to be calling me!  They’ll leave messages I won’t get for three days.  They might think I don’t care – OMG they might think I’m being rude.  I need to email Hope (our appropriately named Office Manager who really does give the RG team hope thanks to her energy and talent). I’ve probably left it in the taxi – OMG my bag was hanging open – what if it fell out?  I hope someone didn’t steal it when I was walking in front of them …”

That last thought got my attention and made me laugh out loud. This time I told myself “yeah that’s likely – Not!”  While it’s certainly possible, I’m now thinking it’s an option relatively low down on the list of possibilities. This was the moment that I realised I’d allowed my mind to run riot freely causing havoc to my sense of calm and composure.  It suddenly became obvious that I was draining my spirit at a rapid rate by entertaining thoughts none of which brought any value into my life.  The reality is all I had to think was “Oh I’ve lost my phone – I’ll email Hope and she can look into it while I’m on the flight”.  There are numerous easily applied solutions to this dilemma as there would have been had I missed my flight.

Every day I meet people whose spirit is constantly drained by the thoughts that they allow to storm through their minds.  We all have the power to choose what we think and ultimately choose how we feel. Never 

Control behaviour

lose sight of the fact that you alone choose what does or doesn’t impact upon your spirit.  How you choose to respond in any situation will dictate whether your experiences energise your spirit or have a draining impact.  Choose what version of reality you want to entertain and choose how you feel about it.  Listen to the conversations in your mind and choose how they go. It’s the greatest influence you have on the quality of life you create for yourself and those around you


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