Practicing Wisdom: living life with discipline

Internet-Quotes-600x415There is certainly no shortage of wisdom on which we can draw to help us thrive in life.  If you’re looking for inspiration or insight all you need to do is log onto the Internet where you will find an endless source of wisdom from people living and past.  Log on to Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter and you’re very likely to find quotes and advice relating to just about every challenge we are likely to face in life.

Accessing wisdom isn’t a challenge – putting it into practice is.  Take this blog for example; my intention is to share insight to what life has taught me so far in the hope it will in some way contribute to your own success.   However, just like anything else you read, unless you choose to act upon the advice I offer my writing will add little to no value. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Woman choosing between cake and carrotsHaving the strength to make the right choices is a constant battle for me right now.  Most of us struggle at times to make the choices we know are good for us. Over the last month I have especially struggled to consistently make the right choices.  There have even been times when I have consciously made the wrong choices because I have lacked the discipline to do otherwise.

Lately I have found myself often feeling tired and as a consequence pessimistic and grumpy.  Given my passion for helping people to thrive by managing the strength of their spirit, it would be safe to assume that I know that I need to do; and I think I do.  My problem isn’t knowledge its discipline.  The fact is unless I choose to apply the wisdom I have gained through my life experiences and from the people I admire, I will continue to feel drained.

yogo on beachOnly I can re-energize my body and spirit, only I can make the choices I need to in order to once again feel a zest for life I am used to feeling.  Four important choices I need to make right now and every day into my future include those below.  Perhaps some are relevant to you too – reflect on whether you need to make any of these choices more often to allow you to thrive in your own life.

  1. Sleep! Research shows most people need 7 to 8 hours sleep a night to maintain peak mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Until very recently I hadn’t given much consideration to how little I sleep – now that I’m more aware the weekend ‘Nanny nap’ has become more prominent.
  1. Eat well.  It’s all too easy to consume foods that make us feel good in the moment but lack nutritional value or cause us to gain weight.  It’s a cruel fact of life for many people that the foods we enjoy the most are not necessarily those that are good for us.
  1. Rest.  No matter how much you love your work it’s important to give yourself the opportunity to switch off and recharge. Take time off from thinking not just doing. Constantly thinking stops us from quieting our mind, unwinding our thoughts and recharging our battery.
  1. Exercise.  We don’t need to train like elite athletes to be healthy.  Something my Karate trained mind at times struggles to remember. A commonly held view is that 30 minutes of moderately intense activity five days a week is all it takes.  Moderate means a slight but noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate.

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