Time to Celebrate: energize your spirit with your wins in life

enjoy the momentHow often do you stop and reflect on what you have achieved and how you are progressing toward turning your dreams into reality?  Do you give yourself a pat on the back and appreciate your own efforts and successes? The hectic pace at which so many of us live our lives can mean we fail to recognise our wins let alone enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes when we do.

I’m just as guilty at times of focusing on what I still need to achieve rather than taking the time to appreciate what I already have.  At times I forget that the strength of my spirit depends greatly on the positive energy I get from knowing I’m doing well.  Having the resilience to keep striving takes reserves of energy that soon run out if we forget to recharge.

Today show 25 May 2014This weekend gone was one of those special moments in life that warranted my full attention and appreciation.  Appearing on The Today Show (Channel 9) on Sunday was rewarding to say the least.  Just as exciting was seeing my article published in The Age on Saturday.  Both provided me the opportunity to share my views on bullying, a topic I am especially passionate about.

As anyone who has read my books or this blog regularly will know, I am passionate about helping people to thrive in business and life.  For years I have worked hard to make a positive difference to the health, well-being and spirit of the people I work with.  At the core of my mission is a burning desire to see bullying eradicated from our workplaces.   So for me having the opportunity to reach so many people via the media and share my advice was huge!

Thanks to the loving support of my friends, family, colleagues, clients and associates it wasn’t hard to be present in the moment.  My phone began buzzing with social media and text messages early on Saturday morning when people started reading my article.  The same was true on Sunday when again messages wishing me luck started flowing from the moment I got in the car to head to the Channel 9 studio.

When the excitement of my first TV appearance was over I took some time on Sunday afternoon to reflect on how much has happened since starting Ryan Gately 8 years ago.  Time really has flown by – it’s hard to believe that it has been that long already.  Reflecting on the journey I have taken to reach this point in my life and career I was able to see three things have made the greatest difference to my success –  my passion, relationships and courage.

Taking the time to reflect on and celebrate the aspects of myself and other people that have led me to this point was incredibly energizing.   I have no doubt my experiences this weekend will prove to be a source of energy and strengths for some time to come.  It’s not just the big events in life that can energize our spirit and fuel our desire to keep pursuing our dreams.  Stop and reflect in all of the moments when you a achieve your goals – no matter how big or small each one is an important stepping stone along your journey.

Karen channel 9


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