Simplify: focus on the things that matter most

Juggle lifeLife can be complex, particularly when we choose to make it that way. How often do you find yourself overthinking things, juggling more than you can reasonably expect to get done, planning for every possible eventuality?  The choices we make about how we think, feel and act each influence the extent to which we make life more challenging than it needs to be.

Most days I work with people who are struggling to keep up with the demands of both their work and home lives.  Recently I began working with a Jayne who is facing so many challenges when we first met she didn’t know where to start.  While each of the issues Jayne needs to work through matter, the fact is she has neither the time nor energy to tackle them at once.

When life gets complicated and you find your world spinning around you, stop for a moment and reflect.  Contemplate how can you simplify your approach by focusing on a few key things you know you can get on top of or do well.  When our focus and energy is scattered our ability to do anything well is diminished.  Identify the actions can you take that will have a flow on impact to other areas of your life and the challenges you need to tackle? world spinning

Reflect on the thoughts, emotions and actions that will best serve you to move forward and recognise those that are holding you back. What are you doing that is adding little to no value in your life and can be stopped?  What you can control and what do you need to let go of?

Three of the most important things you can do to simplify your approach and focus your efforts are:

  1. Have a plan:  know what it is you want to achieve in your work life.  While your plans may change over time, having a clear view of where you are heading and what is the first step toward getting there.  A well considered plan will help you to recognise the priorities and actions you need to tack.  Having a plan will also help you to look past distractions and continue to invest your energy in the things you need to.
  1. Have realistic ambition: dreaming big is essential to our ability to thrive in life however taking on more than you can possibly achieve will drain your energy and undermine your spirit.  For not one moment does this mean that you should allow limiting belief to hold you back from achieving what you are capable of.  But recognise if you have big plans you had better be sure you have the support around you to help you succeed.
  1. Stay the course: all too often I observe people become distracted by the ‘latest and greatest’ and / or lose interest in the projects they are already working on.  It can be especially difficult for visionary people to remain focused and drive through to successful completion of initiatives.  Having milestone measures of progress is one way to remain focused. So too is anchoring what you do to the longer term plans you are working to achieve.

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