Managing Change: Common Obstacles to Success

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  A great deal has been written over the last decade or so about the importance of change management and the approaches most likely to lead to success.  Having a positive impact on the engagement and performance of people through … Continue reading

Make a choice!

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      Whether in a business or personal space, choices are unlimited and have a profound effect on who we are as individuals and who we are as professionals.  Whilst life sometimes  decides to throw a spanner in the … Continue reading

Inside the Toolkit: Face it, embrace it and move on

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In my latest book The People Manager’s Toolkit I describe what it takes to deliberately create the workplace culture we want. Among the most critical priorities I argue is our ability to not only face current reality but also to … Continue reading

A time for change…

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Among the most significant people leadership challenges I observe is how to guide teams through times of substantial change.  In particular, I often work with leaders struggling to shift the culture of their team in order to achieve broader change … Continue reading

Combating the CAVE people

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During a recent interview a candidate made a comment that not only made me laugh it also struck me as all too true.  Asked to describe a challenge he has faced driving change his response was “the biggest issue is … Continue reading

Navigating the long and winding road of uncertainty

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One of the biggest challenges we face leading people through change or in new directions is encouraging and supporting them to live with uncertainty.  Even more than change, in my experience most people don’t enjoy a lack of clarity about … Continue reading