Driving Culture Change

While shifting organizational culture can be a challenging and demanding task, the actual formulae for success is not complex. People can be complex, but the core ingredients that determine the extent an organisation is able to transform its personality (reflected in the … Continue reading

Guest blogger – Ian Hackett – HR should be every company’s ‘killer app’

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HR should be every company’s ‘killer app’ – What could possibly be more important than who gets hired…” — Jack Welch, ex-CEO of GE  Although not someone that always got everything right during his highly successful CEO career in one … Continue reading

Trolls: we choose to let them in

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It was fascinating to read an article on news.com.au titled ‘Confessions of an Internet Troll’.  Journalist Peter Hoare shares insight to his own experiences of Internet trolling and explains why he thinks people do it, and what they get from … Continue reading

The battle to banish bullying rages on!

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Today is Know Bull Day!  Australia’s national anti-bullying day designed to raise awareness of bullying and eradicate these destructive behaviours from our workplaces.  The prevalence of the issue makes it a hot topic of discussion and one a lot of … Continue reading

Being nice is underrated

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Recently my colleague Tom sent through a link to an online news article titled ‘Being nice is the most underrated trait in business’.  As a team we had only recently been talking about the importance of nice people to creating … Continue reading

Going Purple – what my hair colour taught me about courage and authenticity

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Yesterday I was interviewed by Alan Kohler for the June edition of his business show on Qantas Radio.   One question Alan asked that I wasn’t expecting was why I dyed my hair purple.  Confused at first by why he wanted … Continue reading