Let it go: and build a bridge when you need to

People around me are fighting.  Disappointing but true.  Cleary not everyone, but enough people to make me stop and reflect on what causes conflicts in our relationships and how we can build more harmonious partnerships – personal and professional.  When … Continue reading

Back to Basics: Driving performance by focusing on the things that matter most

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It’s common to observe leaders at every level of an organization’s hierarchy struggling to achieve the standard of performance needed from their team.  Often I encounter lost opportunity to leverage the full potential of people thanks to an ineffective approach … Continue reading

Lessons on learning from inside the dojo

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to the state coaches and team managers of Karate Victoria.  Invited by head coach Bruce Hyland to speak, it was both an honour and pleasure to share with the group some of … Continue reading

Inside the Toolkit: Making performance management work for you

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My team and I often undertake reviews that provide organisations with an objective view of the maturity of their people management capabilities and practices.  We help leaders understand what they need to do to enable their team and business to … Continue reading

Mistakes are our friend

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Often I hear successful people reflect on how much they have learned or gained from the mistakes they have made along the way.  Recently I read this quote from Richard Branson “Don’t be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them … Continue reading

Lessons from the Super Nanny: Courage and Consequences

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My daughter was watching Super Nanny, a reality TV show about parents struggling with their children’s behaviour. Featuring professional nanny Jo Frost, each episode is centered around her work to help parents bring greater order into their households. Despite my … Continue reading