Energize your spirit: Tips on how you can tap into an endless source of vitality

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A few years ago I worked with Michael a CEO of a manufacturing business who was struggling to cope with the pressures of his job.  Michael was dealing with the challenges of high turnover among his executives, low morale and … Continue reading

Simplify: focus on the things that matter most

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Life can be complex, particularly when we choose to make it that way. How often do you find yourself overthinking things, juggling more than you can reasonably expect to get done, planning for every possible eventuality?  The choices we make … Continue reading

Ignite your senses with the world around you

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http://www.therecord.com/opinion-story/4204019-being-a-times-carrier-re-energized-my-spirit/ Recently I read an article online titled ‘Being a Times carrier re-energized my spirit’.  Given my interest in the human spirit and the things that both energise and drain us, I was intrigued to say the least.  Written by … Continue reading

Experiencing time … slowing down enough to feel the moment

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It’s hard to believe yet another year is over!  Every New Years Eve for the last 20, I’ve found myself thinking the same thing. Beyond the usual ‘close of a chapter, opening of the next’ inspired reflections, our eldest son … Continue reading

Glasses for Noah

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Last week I heard of a heart-warming story about a Mum who went on mission to help her little boy feel OK about having to wear glasses.  The story goes that after finding out he has to wear glasses, Noah … Continue reading

The Real Pay Day: Focusing Beyond Immediate Reward

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Last week I read a blog post by science writer and speaker Frank Swain  titled ‘Why I’m Not a TEDx Speaker’. In his opening remarks Frank shares that he was invited to speak at a TEDx event, but turned the … Continue reading