Managing Change: Common Obstacles to Success

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  A great deal has been written over the last decade or so about the importance of change management and the approaches most likely to lead to success.  Having a positive impact on the engagement and performance of people through … Continue reading

Lessons on learning from inside the dojo

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to the state coaches and team managers of Karate Victoria.  Invited by head coach Bruce Hyland to speak, it was both an honour and pleasure to share with the group some of … Continue reading

Performance Management Fundamentals

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In April I wrote about leveraging full benefit from your performance management efforts in ‘Reaching the top… Making performance management work hard.’  In June I continued the theme with a look at how to make meaningful connections between performance expectations and … Continue reading

Mastering destiny… Taking personal accountability

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One of the pastimes I enjoy is collecting images including ‘Wise Words’ on Pinterest, an electronic pin board.  Browsing through the plethora of ‘pin’ options available, I came across this inspiring quote from author Bob Moawad.  Reading Bob’s words, immediately … Continue reading

The CEO – Custodian of Team Spirit

 Team spirit is an oft-maligned concept, often associated with teen cheerleading movies and similar ‘GO TEAM’ manic hyperactivity. This is unfortunate and unjust, as enabling and enhancing group sentiment (or ‘team spirit’) is an important part of all collaborative business. Today’s Karen … Continue reading