Big Brother Bully … what were they thinking!

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Last week I had the unfortunate experience of watching part of a Big Brother episode.  To be absolutely clear I’m not a fan and would never usually choose to watch the show.  In fact, I’d rather watch just about anything … Continue reading

Practicing what I preach

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A few weeks back I wrote a blog titled ‘Trolls: we choose to let them in’.  At the heart of the message I shared is that we have the power choose the extent to which people affect us. I wrote, … Continue reading

The battle to banish bullying rages on!

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Today is Know Bull Day!  Australia’s national anti-bullying day designed to raise awareness of bullying and eradicate these destructive behaviours from our workplaces.  The prevalence of the issue makes it a hot topic of discussion and one a lot of … Continue reading

Being nice is underrated

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Recently my colleague Tom sent through a link to an online news article titled ‘Being nice is the most underrated trait in business’.  As a team we had only recently been talking about the importance of nice people to creating … Continue reading

Lets get serious – driving bullying from our workplaces

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Last week I caught up with Deb Burlington from Enhance Solutions. Deb works with organisations to create safety cultures driven by leaders.  When our conversation turned to the topic of bullying, Deb shared her anger at recently hearing an employment … Continue reading

Ignorance is bliss… but not an excuse!

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Yet again I was disappointed to read a news article about a very serious case of workplace bullying.  The abuse bookstore employee Wendy Swan endured from her boss was extraordinary.  The list of outrageous behaviours from the manager in question … Continue reading