Managing Change: Common Obstacles to Success

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  A great deal has been written over the last decade or so about the importance of change management and the approaches most likely to lead to success.  Having a positive impact on the engagement and performance of people through … Continue reading

Inside the Toolkit… Communication is King

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Recently I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop aimed at enabling the group of leaders I was working with to communicate effectively during a period of substantial change.  The organisation in question has recently acquired another business and is … Continue reading

A time for change…

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Among the most significant people leadership challenges I observe is how to guide teams through times of substantial change.  In particular, I often work with leaders struggling to shift the culture of their team in order to achieve broader change … Continue reading

Combating the CAVE people

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During a recent interview a candidate made a comment that not only made me laugh it also struck me as all too true.  Asked to describe a challenge he has faced driving change his response was “the biggest issue is … Continue reading

Navigating the long and winding road of uncertainty

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One of the biggest challenges we face leading people through change or in new directions is encouraging and supporting them to live with uncertainty.  Even more than change, in my experience most people don’t enjoy a lack of clarity about … Continue reading

The First Follower

At the 2010 TED convention Derek Sivers delivered a great presentation called the ‘First Follower’.  Derek lead an engaging discussion, highlighting his talk with captivating amateur clips of a music festival crowd. Using these amusing clips, Derek successfully illustrated how social movements really get started. Today’s Karen Gately blog … Continue reading