Playing Victim: recognising when you are choosing to give in to circumstance

Reflect for a moment on when you feel powerless and the victim of your circumstances?  What thoughts and feeling dominate and what influence do they have on the way you choose to behave?  How often do you feel hard done … Continue reading

It’s all about choices

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Reflecting on what I wanted to write about in this blog my mind kept coming back to the number of people I’m working with right now who feel stuck in their jobs.  The extraordinary thing is that some of these … Continue reading

The power of belief

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Reading our daughters school newsletter this morning, the first thing that struck me when I opened it was their motto – We Believe! We Achieve!  I had spent the first part of the morning pondering what I wanted to share … Continue reading

Take a look in the mirror…

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Let’s face it life can be challenging!  What working in HR and leadership roles, running my own business, being a Mum, an athlete, a wife, a daughter, a sister and friend have collectively taught me is that we all face … Continue reading

Today I choose to feel…

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How often have you felt aggrieved because someone made you feel bad? How often have you allowed other people to negatively influence what you believe about yourself, other people or circumstances? While it’s unquestionably reasonable to expect other people to … Continue reading

Choose Your Own Adventure

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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to do the keynote address for the Faculty of Business graduation at Charles Sturt University. I was honoured to be asked to be a part of such a huge milestone in the graduates’ … Continue reading