Honest conversation – saying what really needs to be said

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Reflect for a moment on how well you engage in honest conversations. Do you have the frank and upfront discussions you need to that allow people to understand reality?  Do you enable people to improve and grow by helping them … Continue reading

Glasses for Noah

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Last week I heard of a heart-warming story about a Mum who went on mission to help her little boy feel OK about having to wear glasses.  The story goes that after finding out he has to wear glasses, Noah … Continue reading

Let’s be honest…

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From time to time I come across a television show that I can barely bring myself to watch.  I like to think of myself as a relatively courageous person – but when it comes to watching people being humiliated on … Continue reading

Joey Prusak and the case of the $20 thief

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Browsing online news outlets over the weekend I came across an article about Joey Prusak, a 19-year-old Dairy Queen outlet manager in the US. What a pleasant change to the usual reports of death and destruction this story is!  A … Continue reading

Infallibility: A dangerous role to play

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At times the world of business can be likened to a stage show where the script is written and the actors are expected to dutifully play the role they are hired to play.   While there is some room for creative … Continue reading

Time to Grow Up: Do we expect leaders to play nicely?

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Reading an article ‘Can activists shame Abercrombie & Fitch into reforming?’ on TheWeek.com recently, it crossed my mind that some leaders simply need to ‘grow up’ and play nicely.  The article shares inflammatory remarks made by A&F CEO Mike Jeffries … Continue reading