Playing Victim: recognising when you are choosing to give in to circumstance

Reflect for a moment on when you feel powerless and the victim of your circumstances?  What thoughts and feeling dominate and what influence do they have on the way you choose to behave?  How often do you feel hard done … Continue reading

Joey Prusak and the case of the $20 thief

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Browsing online news outlets over the weekend I came across an article about Joey Prusak, a 19-year-old Dairy Queen outlet manager in the US. What a pleasant change to the usual reports of death and destruction this story is!  A … Continue reading

Elbows and Armrests Revisited

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In June I wrote a blog called ‘Hey, get your elbows off my armrest!’ in response to an unpleasant experience I had on a flight home from Brisbane.  The short version of the story is that I was seated next to … Continue reading

Daring Greatly… More wisdom from Brene Brown

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Thanks to the very generous people at Women in Focus I got to enjoy yet another great Business Chicks event last Friday – this time featuring one of my all time favourite speakers Brene Brown. I first discovered Brene and … Continue reading

A Better Way

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Earlier this month I had the opportunity to hear Sir Richard Branson speak at a Business Chicks event in Brisbane. Given the enormous amount of respect I have for Richard and his inspiring approach to leadership, I was very excited … Continue reading

Are you standing in your spotlight?

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This extraordinary wedding cake was the inspiration for today’s blog!  Apart from being beautiful it also struck me as a perfect example of the unique talents people possess and the amazing things they are capable of creating.  It also made … Continue reading