King of Culture: one person can make all the difference

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The need to proactively drive the culture of a business is a well-recognised priority for most business leaders I work with.  How precisely to go about doing that however is something I observe many struggling with.  Often I’m asked how … Continue reading

Inside the Toolkit: Face it, embrace it and move on

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In my latest book The People Manager’s Toolkit I describe what it takes to deliberately create the workplace culture we want. Among the most critical priorities I argue is our ability to not only face current reality but also to … Continue reading

Inside the Toolkit… Driving Culture

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There is no question that the cultural environment within which we work has a profound impact on our energy and the way we choose to behave.  In my latest book The People Manager’s Toolkit I encourage leaders to contemplate their … Continue reading

Driving Culture Change

While shifting organizational culture can be a challenging and demanding task, the actual formulae for success is not complex. People can be complex, but the core ingredients that determine the extent an organisation is able to transform its personality (reflected in the … Continue reading