Playing Victim: recognising when you are choosing to give in to circumstance

Reflect for a moment on when you feel powerless and the victim of your circumstances?  What thoughts and feeling dominate and what influence do they have on the way you choose to behave?  How often do you feel hard done … Continue reading

Energize your spirit: Tips on how you can tap into an endless source of vitality

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A few years ago I worked with Michael a CEO of a manufacturing business who was struggling to cope with the pressures of his job.  Michael was dealing with the challenges of high turnover among his executives, low morale and … Continue reading

Inside the Toolkit… The essential elements of success

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While writing my latest book The People Manager’s Toolkit I came across this quote that I ultimately used as a lead in to the first chapter, ‘People management — the foundations of success’: I believe the real difference between success … Continue reading

Living a Passionate Life… 7 ways to get you started

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Quite a number of months ago I was fortunate to hear Ita Buttrose speak at another fabulous Business Chicks event.  Ita shared many pearls of wisdom delivered in her typically humorous and engaging way.  A question she posed struck me … Continue reading

Death of a Couch Potato… Deciding what matters to you and staying on track

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Over many years I have worked hard to make exercise a consistent part of my routine, but I must confess to finding it a real challenge.  Having grown up training in the martial arts, being physically active has always been … Continue reading

Human Spirit in Business… Why does it matter?

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Perhaps the greatest passion and purpose in my work life is to make a positive difference to the strength of the human spirit through great leadership in business.  Why? Because I believe it matters to business performance, the quality of … Continue reading