The Power of Laughter

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Last week I had the immense pleasure of seeing clown doctor and event speaker Robi Mack create her magic.  For those of you not already aware of the incredible work of the Clown Doctors, here’s how the Humour Foundation website … Continue reading

King of Culture: one person can make all the difference

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The need to proactively drive the culture of a business is a well-recognised priority for most business leaders I work with.  How precisely to go about doing that however is something I observe many struggling with.  Often I’m asked how … Continue reading

Bored Brainless

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Welcome to my first blog post for 2013.   It has been a slower than expected start to my blogging year thanks mostly to being hidden away in a book writing cave.  I’m very excited to say that the manuscript for … Continue reading

Engaging Stuff

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From time to time I come across interesting articles posted on news website, HR Daily.  An article that recently caught my eye was:  Engage like you should eat, posted by Philippa Youngman, Director of HR  for technology company Pivot Software.  … Continue reading

The First Follower

At the 2010 TED convention Derek Sivers delivered a great presentation called the ‘First Follower’.  Derek lead an engaging discussion, highlighting his talk with captivating amateur clips of a music festival crowd. Using these amusing clips, Derek successfully illustrated how social movements really get started. Today’s Karen Gately blog … Continue reading