Guest blogger: Michele Revill – Choosing to Thrive

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To thrive in life, whether we like it or not, is simply a matter of deciding to change and to embark on  the very difficult road of personal growth.  It is easier said than done.   Life is like a huge … Continue reading

Tom’s Tips for Staying Sane during the Silly Season

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  Tough trading conditions, reduced mid-year activity of an election year and now a fast approaching festive season! When does it end? This combination has left many people, particularly senior leaders and business owners we work with quite literally falling … Continue reading

Please excuse me while I have a meltdown…

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On Sunday morning I completely lost all perspective and had a serious ‘hissy fit’ over my nails!!  Yes, my finger nails.  No I hadn’t caught them in a car door, nor had they been trodden on.  There is absolutely nothing … Continue reading

Living Well

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There are so many examples of things in life that we know we should be doing and yet don’t.  Sometimes it’s because we fail to muster the energy, focus or discipline and other times it’s because we avoid what we … Continue reading