Being Jordan’s Mum

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  On 2nd January our eldest son Jordan turned 21.  The lead up to the big day was busy to say the least.  With a party to organize and presents to buy I didn’t give a lot of thought to the … Continue reading

Lets get serious – driving bullying from our workplaces

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Last week I caught up with Deb Burlington from Enhance Solutions. Deb works with organisations to create safety cultures driven by leaders.  When our conversation turned to the topic of bullying, Deb shared her anger at recently hearing an employment … Continue reading

On Confidence: Influencing Yourself

  Recently I posted a blog (called ‘On Confidence’) in which I shared my views about how leaders can influence confidence in others.  A number of readers responded with questions, wanting to expand the topic a little further. They asked “how can we … Continue reading

The First Follower

At the 2010 TED convention Derek Sivers delivered a great presentation called the ‘First Follower’.  Derek lead an engaging discussion, highlighting his talk with captivating amateur clips of a music festival crowd. Using these amusing clips, Derek successfully illustrated how social movements really get started. Today’s Karen Gately blog … Continue reading