Guest Blogger – Lisa Ryan

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Believe it or not our business name Ryan Gately has been a constant source of amusement for my team and I over the years.  Mostly thanks to the endless stream of phone calls we’ve received that have started with “Can … Continue reading

Drug Testing at Work – A Future Trend?

Drug testing is becoming increasingly common in Australian society, with random  tests for drivers now including both alcohol and drug test components. Will we see this trend become a part of our regular experience in the workplace too? Today’s Karen Gately blog … Continue reading

Organisational Culture and the GASP Phenomenon

Gasp. Most literally! Today’s Karen Gately blog examines last week’s  Gasp clothing viral phenomenon. In what amounted to a perfect storm of social media disbelief, horror and disapproval, a Gasp customer posted an official company response to her immediate network and an … Continue reading

Behaviour & Success: Sink or Swim with the Boss

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Welcome to the very first Karen Gately blog. We hope you enjoy the mix of subjects we write on here, whether they be helpful in your business day-to-day, ‘random thought’ blogs (more on these later!) or topics we’ve found inspirational that will … Continue reading