Being Awesome

Over the last couple of months I’ve finally had the opportunity to launch our Be Awesome program.   It has been a long held dream of mine to provide programs that help people thrive not only at work but more broadly … Continue reading

The chicken versus egg of trust

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Trust is unquestionably the foundation upon which great relationships are built.  This is true of any relationship including those we develop at work.  As Stephen Covey said “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective … Continue reading

Birthday Reflections: My Year of Balance

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There are two days each year that I typically find myself reflecting on life – what I’ve achieved thus far and what lies ahead; new years day and my birthday.  While in some ways I find myself reflecting on similar … Continue reading

The Power of Laughter

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Last week I had the immense pleasure of seeing clown doctor and event speaker Robi Mack create her magic.  For those of you not already aware of the incredible work of the Clown Doctors, here’s how the Humour Foundation website … Continue reading

King of Culture: one person can make all the difference

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The need to proactively drive the culture of a business is a well-recognised priority for most business leaders I work with.  How precisely to go about doing that however is something I observe many struggling with.  Often I’m asked how … Continue reading

Saint or Sinner? 7 ways to undermine success

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While reading online news recently I was astonished to come across an article titled ‘Why being rude can really work in your favour’ (Originally published in Forbes).  Intrigued by what the author could possibly have to say about such a … Continue reading