Follow the Leader… what every CEO, MD and business owner must do to enable success

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Like any member of a team the most senior person in a business has an important and specific role to play to enable success.   For ease of reference I will refer to the person in this role as the CEO. … Continue reading

Inspiring Commitment

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So what does it take to be inspirational? In this TED talk, viewed more than two million times, business author Simon Sinek presents what he believes is the answer. His analysis of inspirational people and organisations has led him to … Continue reading

The CEO – Custodian of Team Spirit

 Team spirit is an oft-maligned concept, often associated with teen cheerleading movies and similar ‘GO TEAM’ manic hyperactivity. This is unfortunate and unjust, as enabling and enhancing group sentiment (or ‘team spirit’) is an important part of all collaborative business. Today’s Karen … Continue reading