8 Years in Business: and the lessons keep coming!

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Last week Ryan Gately turned 8 years old. As I’m inclined to do on my own birthday I took the time to reflect on what my team and I have achieved so far as well as the lessons I have … Continue reading

6 steps to harnessing discretionary effort

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So many of the leaders I work with are frustrated by failed attempts to lift the energy and contribution of their team.  People plodding along doing no more than they absolutely have to is all too familiar and a common … Continue reading

A time for change…

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Among the most significant people leadership challenges I observe is how to guide teams through times of substantial change.  In particular, I often work with leaders struggling to shift the culture of their team in order to achieve broader change … Continue reading

Looking forward… The Year Ahead!

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Among the most important enablers of success is having a clear vision of what we want to create.  As 2012 draws to close I encourage you to take some time if you haven’t done so already to reflect, not only … Continue reading

Follow the Leader… what every CEO, MD and business owner must do to enable success

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Like any member of a team the most senior person in a business has an important and specific role to play to enable success.   For ease of reference I will refer to the person in this role as the CEO. … Continue reading

Linking Vision & Performance

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It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about the importance of linking vision and strategy with performance management of teams and individuals.  But what does that actually mean and how do we make it happen? It’s one thing to say … Continue reading