8 Years in Business: and the lessons keep coming!

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Last week Ryan Gately turned 8 years old. As I’m inclined to do on my own birthday I took the time to reflect on what my team and I have achieved so far as well as the lessons I have … Continue reading

Birthday Reflections: My Year of Balance

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There are two days each year that I typically find myself reflecting on life – what I’ve achieved thus far and what lies ahead; new years day and my birthday.  While in some ways I find myself reflecting on similar … Continue reading

10 rules to create balance between work and life

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Recently I came across an interesting article on HC Online titled ‘Time for an email curfew’.  As someone who routinely sends emails late into the night, early in the mornings and on weekends, I was very interested to read about … Continue reading

Please excuse me while I have a meltdown…

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On Sunday morning I completely lost all perspective and had a serious ‘hissy fit’ over my nails!!  Yes, my finger nails.  No I hadn’t caught them in a car door, nor had they been trodden on.  There is absolutely nothing … Continue reading

The Balancing Act

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Balance is unquestionably among the most important influences of success in life.  In most circumstances the middle path between the extremes of lack and excess is the way to a thriving existence of health, happiness and prosperity.  Contemplate for a … Continue reading

Walking the middle way… The power of a balanced approach

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We are living in times dominated by extremist views and actions – in so many areas of life people are standing firm in their polarized and often uncompromising positions.   It’s not only on our television screens and in news reports … Continue reading