Guest blogger: Michele Revill – Choosing to Thrive

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To thrive in life, whether we like it or not, is simply a matter of deciding to change and to embark on  the very difficult road of personal growth.  It is easier said than done.   Life is like a huge … Continue reading

The power of belief

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Reading our daughters school newsletter this morning, the first thing that struck me when I opened it was their motto – We Believe! We Achieve!  I had spent the first part of the morning pondering what I wanted to share … Continue reading

Spirituality at Work: expressing our beliefs without stepping over boundaries

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Three years ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Soul Shift, a show on radio station Joy 94.9.   I was asked to share my views on how we can express ourselves spirituality in the workplace without stepping over … Continue reading

7 Drivers of Success in Life and Business

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As I wrote about in my book The Corporate Dojo, the most important things I learned training in the martial arts about success have proven to matter every bit as much in the world of business.  Both my own experiences … Continue reading