Mentoring kids – Enabling our next generation to thrive

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Every day I meet people in the workplace who struggle to build successful relationships with those around them.  People struggle to share their views openly, collaborate, deal with conflict, step up to greater challenge and strive to succeed.  Typically I … Continue reading

Ugly Bosses

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I came across a story on that astounded me.   I’ve observed some unkind leadership acts in my time but this one takes the prize.  The story is about Carol Jumper, an American woman who was fired from her job … Continue reading

Going Purple – what my hair colour taught me about courage and authenticity

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Yesterday I was interviewed by Alan Kohler for the June edition of his business show on Qantas Radio.   One question Alan asked that I wasn’t expecting was why I dyed my hair purple.  Confused at first by why he wanted … Continue reading

Saint or Sinner? 7 ways to undermine success

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While reading online news recently I was astonished to come across an article titled ‘Why being rude can really work in your favour’ (Originally published in Forbes).  Intrigued by what the author could possibly have to say about such a … Continue reading

6 steps to harnessing discretionary effort

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So many of the leaders I work with are frustrated by failed attempts to lift the energy and contribution of their team.  People plodding along doing no more than they absolutely have to is all too familiar and a common … Continue reading

Time to Grow Up: Do we expect leaders to play nicely?

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Reading an article ‘Can activists shame Abercrombie & Fitch into reforming?’ on recently, it crossed my mind that some leaders simply need to ‘grow up’ and play nicely.  The article shares inflammatory remarks made by A&F CEO Mike Jeffries … Continue reading