Trolls: we choose to let them in

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It was fascinating to read an article on titled ‘Confessions of an Internet Troll’.  Journalist Peter Hoare shares insight to his own experiences of Internet trolling and explains why he thinks people do it, and what they get from … Continue reading

The power of belief

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Reading our daughters school newsletter this morning, the first thing that struck me when I opened it was their motto – We Believe! We Achieve!  I had spent the first part of the morning pondering what I wanted to share … Continue reading

Taking Action: Getting past wishing and wanting to having

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How often have you met someone who complains about his or her life but does nothing to change it?  How often do you find yourself doing the same thing?  Here are just a few of the many gripes I constantly … Continue reading

On Confidence: Influencing Yourself

  Recently I posted a blog (called ‘On Confidence’) in which I shared my views about how leaders can influence confidence in others.  A number of readers responded with questions, wanting to expand the topic a little further. They asked “how can we … Continue reading