Experiencing time … slowing down enough to feel the moment

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It’s hard to believe yet another year is over!  Every New Years Eve for the last 20, I’ve found myself thinking the same thing. Beyond the usual ‘close of a chapter, opening of the next’ inspired reflections, our eldest son … Continue reading

Glasses for Noah

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Last week I heard of a heart-warming story about a Mum who went on mission to help her little boy feel OK about having to wear glasses.  The story goes that after finding out he has to wear glasses, Noah … Continue reading

Home is where the heart is…

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So many of the people I meet or observe in the workplace are searching for something more from their work.  We are all different so what ‘more’ looks like varies greatly from one person to the next.  What is common … Continue reading

Commitment issues: Are you willing to sign up for success?

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My friend and colleague Peter Cook, recently wrote a blog in which he posed a crucially important question:  are you committed to your business?  This is a great question that I believe all leaders, whether they are business owners or … Continue reading

Influencing Happiness

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I recently wrote that 90 percent of our long-term happiness is predicted not by the external world, but by the way our brain processes the world (More Happiness Matters).  What this suggest is that while there are many programs, policies … Continue reading

More Happiness Matters

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Leveraging the full potential of people to achieve awesome results is ultimately what inspires and motivates me in my work.  Whether it be working with athletes to compete at elite levels or leading corporate teams to overcome big challenges, tapping … Continue reading