The Age article: Germanwings crash puts anguished spotlight on workplace mental health

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Grief is flowing yet again for loved ones lost in an air disaster, so what can we learn from the appalling end of Germanwings Flight 9525?  A memorial to one of the victims of Germanwings flight 9525, set up near … Continue reading

Mental Health Week

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It’s mental health week which this year runs from Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th October. World Mental Health Day is marked every year on the same date: October 10th.  The primary purpose of these initiatives is to raise community awareness … Continue reading

Big Brother Bully … what were they thinking!

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Last week I had the unfortunate experience of watching part of a Big Brother episode.  To be absolutely clear I’m not a fan and would never usually choose to watch the show.  In fact, I’d rather watch just about anything … Continue reading

Ugly Bosses

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I came across a story on that astounded me.   I’ve observed some unkind leadership acts in my time but this one takes the prize.  The story is about Carol Jumper, an American woman who was fired from her job … Continue reading

Practicing what I preach

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A few weeks back I wrote a blog titled ‘Trolls: we choose to let them in’.  At the heart of the message I shared is that we have the power choose the extent to which people affect us. I wrote, … Continue reading

The Power of Laughter

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Last week I had the immense pleasure of seeing clown doctor and event speaker Robi Mack create her magic.  For those of you not already aware of the incredible work of the Clown Doctors, here’s how the Humour Foundation website … Continue reading