Being Awesome

Slide1Over the last couple of months I’ve finally had the opportunity to launch our Be Awesome program.   It has been a long held dream of mine to provide programs that help people thrive not only at work but more broadly in life.  Working hand in hand with our programs aimed at developing the capabilities of leaders, I’m excited to finally be working with individuals to lift personal accountability and ownership for success.

While I believe passionately in the role a leader can and must play to influence the potential and success of the people they lead, I also believe we each need to take ownership for the life we create.  All too often I observe people who clearly need to better leverage their talent and energy to shift their reality and yet they choose not too.  There are too many victims in this world who point the finger of blame at others without taking account of the role they themselves play.

It was so rewarding to work with the groups I have to explore the choices they make that underpin their success in all areas of life. It was inspiring to observe self-awareness grow and people in the group coming to accept the power we all have to choose how we think, feel and behave.  I loved spending time exploring each person’s version of awesome and how they can make it happen.2014-10-21 15.45.42

I encourage you to reflect for yourself on how well you know what you want to achieve and why.  How well do you know yourself and how hard do you work to grow your capabilities?  Do you have and harness the energy you need to thrive?  Are you striving to become the best possible version of yourself?  Reflect also on the extent to which you are making these 11 essential choices:

  1. Choose to Thrive: unless you make thriving a priority you are unlikely to
  2. Take ownership: only you can create the life you want
  3. Take action: wishing and wanting leads to nothing, doing makes things happen
  4. Be mindful: connect with yourself and the world around you
  5. Be happy: choose to love life
  6. Believe: have faith in yourself and your ability to create a happy future
  7. Have courage: confront your fears and step into the unknown
  8. Let go: release resentment and regret
  9. Focus: on what really matters
  10. Love yourself: understand what you are great at and have respect
  11. Be grateful: for all you do have in life

Karen and Nancye at Medicare Local Be Awesome WorkshopAs you can no doubt tell from my excitement we plan to run many more Be Awesome workshops.  Get in touch if you would like to come along or if you think your business would benefit by running a session for your team.


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